Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July parade

This morning we decorated the wagon to go to the 4th of July parade in Ashland.  We had a lot of fun with the streamers and balloons, but quickly discovered balloons on a hot day pop when they touch anything!  They wore the flag dresses Grammie made and we had tootsie rolls to throw out and Reagan ate more than I could count while riding.  We made a Lady Liberty torch, but she decided she didn't want to take it to the parade. Walking in the parade was fun seeing everyone but I think Payton has decided it's more fun to watch the parade to have the possibility of catching some candy from others rather than being one to throw it out.  But Grandma bought her a snowcone at the end so she was happy.

Riding to the start of the parade, this is the poster Payton made and a lady even complimented her on her awesome poster and the fireworks she drew.  She was pretty proud.

Turning the corner, it's an all foot parade so the route isn't very long.  We passed Tung and his Mom near the beginning, they moved and saw them again right as we hit halfway, then they moved and we saw them again near the end.  They also put the bikes behind the lawnchair brigade, which is my favorite thing, however when you're walking behind them and have to keep stopping for them to do their routine, it's not good. Especially when it's 95 degrees and the sweat is running in your eyes!

This is the lawnchair brigade, they pop them out, sit down, stand up, fold up the chairs, hold them up in the air like a sword arch and all kinds of crazy stuff. Definitely the funniest part.

Reagan got tired of riding near the end so I carried her, when we saw Grandma she took her, but then she wanted to come back and have me carry her again.  She's eating a lollipop the girls next to us were throwing.

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