Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beach Weekend

For the past 3 years we have gone to the beach the last weekend in January for a mini vacation to swim in the pool, have a good dinner, relax and have fun.  The pool this year was probably the nicest and most heated we've found.  The girls loved the little sprinklers that came out of the sides.  We ate dinner at Flip Flops that we saw on Diner's Drive Ins and Dives, the fish tacos were really good and the owner was very nice.  The hotel had a nice breakfast too.  It was a great relaxing weekend!

Snow on the beach! I've always wanted to see snow on the beach!

Silly posing in front of the fun striped curtain.

Sticking her tongue out at me instead of silly posing.

Sometimes I amaze myself and remember off the wall things like bringing boots for snow sand walking.

They loved walking in the beach foam...until it went over Payton's boots and soaked her, then the fun was over!

Snow on the sand!

Ocean...Sand...Snow Cool!

Tung snapped as we all were worried the ocean was going to get us!

Morning Sunrise

Going over the sand hill that covered the pipe to the beach.


We have not had much snow this year but enough for a day off school and to go out and play.  L-Bow gloves are one of my favorite purchases ever, they are so great for keeping the girls hands warm and not getting snow inside their wrists.  We all had a lot of fun playing outside.

One of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken!


For the past couple of months, the girls have liked to sleep together on Friday and Saturday nights.  They always sleep in Reagan's room, never Payton's for some reason?  It is cute to go find them all snuggled up together sometimes, Reagan had her arm underneath Payton's head!

Home Depot Bird House

 Home Depot has a project for kids the first Saturday of every month. I don't know why we never knew this before but we took the girls January 4th and had a great time.  They got to make a bird house and even paint it.  They had everything set up for the kids to hammer and paint and even had boxes to put it in to take home so the wet paint wouldn't get everywhere.  They got a pin to add to their apron that showed their completed project. They can't wait to go back this weekend and make the Valentine box. Now to find a place to hang up the bird houses!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Collector and the Piler

Reagan has the smallest room in the house yet she manages to cram more in her room than any other.  She is protective of "her" stuff and does not like for it to be messed with too much.  Sometimes though it is just too much for me to handle and we have to clean her out so she can start over.  She is OK with that as long as she gets to keep some special treasures, like her purple high heels.  I had to take some pictures of her in her element.  As much as it drives me crazy sometimes, it is her and I will miss it someday.

After pulling everything out from under the bed.

So excited that she found her favorite dog Pancake that she hadn't seen in a while, he was in a bag under the bed!

The set up in the closet, Tung found her sleeping here this morning.

She was sleeping with all of this in there with her, I do not know how she fit!

Excited to find more treasures.

Behind the rocking chair but totally intentional, a little cat on a boa bed, covered with a doll sweater.
Payton is also good at piling things up, her forte is blankets and pillows, she has always carried around a blanket with her, covering up at the breakfast table and always has more than one in her bed.  Forget the sheets and comforter she wants soft fuzzy blankets top and bottom all around her.  This is Payton's creation in their new princess castle they got for Christmas.