Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taylor Swift

I have a crazy love for all tween and teenage things.  I love all the Disney shows, the music, the kids themselves everything.  I especially love Taylor Swift. For a while I have wanted to see her in concert and have read she puts on a really good show.  In the past year or so I have wanted to see her even more, the girls love her and can sing the words to every song.  How can a 34 year old woman identify with what a 24 year old girl is singing I will never know.  Maybe it's just I wish I had some of her lyrics when I was in high school and it would have helped me understand others and myself more.  Music is just my thing and has helped me get through and understand a lot of thoughts that race in my mind.

Though crazy I really wanted to take the girls, Payton I knew would love it, Reagan too, she is a little young and I knew she would get tired (she fell asleep for a few songs near the end), but she couldn't be left behind, she would have been so sad. They both were so excited, we told them the night before, because I finally found tickets just the day before.

I made them t-shirts super quick in the afternoon.

Reagan wanted hers to say Red and Payton wanted Fearless

 We got there early, I had 2 pairs of tickets in the same row, so we had to ask others if they would mind trading seats with us so we could be together, 2 girls agreed no problem, so we could sit together.

Tung gets a medal for going with us to an arena full of screaming girls.  Bucket List Item crossed off.  Even if no one else ever understands it, I just had to go see her and I will always remember it!
He said he didn't need his picture taken, I did anyway

They gave out mini Diet Coke after the concert and we were so thirsty we let them drink it at 11:00 .

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School

The day Reagan has waited for finally arrived, she was so excited about going to school and riding the bus! She stood outside for 15 minutes this morning asking when the bus was coming, she could hardly stand it. As soon as Mrs. Evans pulled up she ran right up the steps, she had to tell her to stop and turn around so I could take her picture!  She sits in the first seat right behind the bus driver.  Payton asked if she could sit with her but they all have assigned seats, and said maybe they could sit together later on.  When Reagan got off the bus this afternoon she sat and watched it drive away like she was so sad to get off and wished she could ride it longer, so funny.

They both had a great day of school, Reagan took a tour of the school and got to be the line leader because she is the shortest in the class! Payton got to search the school looking for Isabelle the Important Fish, they found her in their classroom the most important room in the school, they had to write about her and then got to eat the special snack she left for them, Hershey kisses. Payton's teacher Miss Altieri has an ocean theme for her classroom and she has taken it to the fullest extent, referring to everything in ocean/sea terms, it makes it a lot of fun.

 Payton picked out her outfit herself and her new scarf that goes with "practically everything" she says.  I'll never forget her saying that, so cute!

Reagan ate all of her lunch, we were worried about whether or not she would have time to eat it all and would she just eat her fruit by the foot, or if the sandwich would be gone? But she ate everything, she packed it herself and wanted to pack it again tonight she thinks taking her own lunch is a lot of fun!  Payton already wants to buy lunch tomorrow, they are having cheeseburgers.

I'm so happy they love school and it's so fun to see Reagan excited about being independent and doing things herself!  Before she went to bed tonight she told me that she was tired at school today, 15 minutes later she was asleep, she fell asleep the earliest tonight she has maybe ever, no nap at Kindergarten wore her out!

Carrying her backpack that is as big as she is!

Nabeel and Nazeem came to see them before the first day.

Taking care of her little sissy.