Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

State Fair!

Tonight we went to the State Fair.  So many things about the fair are so much fun.  I love the cows, chickens, sheep...and a tractor pull!  Ok so we only saw 3 homemade car/tractors pull but I love the sound of them and everything.  Makes me remember being little.  We ate corn dogs, pizza, Virginia Tech dairy club milk shake, homemade chocolate ice cream, we tried liquid nitrogen ice cream too, it was so super smooth because it freezes so fast.
Reagan was all excited about everything, she said the cows were humongous, we'd never heard her say that word before, and Payton said the night time was awesome-er than the day time because of the lights.
They had these neat boards you could stand in front of and take your picture, that's where we took these pics.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I do myself!

Reagan is now into doing everything herself.  From things that are cute and fun that she wants to do herself, like put her shoes on, wash her hands.  But also with things that are a little more frustrating, like wanting to get in and out of the car herself.  This afternoon she got upset because I picked her up and put her on the ground, she wanted to do it herself, so I picked her up and put her back in the car, she climbs out of the seat, then starts to notice things around her, finally gets down on the floor of the car, notices some more things, then tries to figure out how to get down.  She didn't want me to touch her so I wasn't helping her.  Tung says just take her hands and let her jump...and she jumped down.  Too funny, Daddy can get her to jump but I can't touch her.
She's total cuteness.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Payton has been really into jokes recently, she'll make up all kinds of jokes that well...really aren't that funny but we laugh because she laughs so hysterically.  We laughed really hard one day when she told one that went like this "What is the moon's favorite day of the week?  Moonday!!  So once she knew we thought it was funny, she's told it over and over since then!  Today in the car Reagan asks me "Mommy, what moon best day week?"  I laughed and said what day?  "Moonday!!" and she laughs hysterically.  She told Tung again tonight and then told us about 4 more times!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ariel t-shirt

Payton picked out 2 Ariel shirts at the outlets at the beach.  She wore one yesterday and the other today.  This morning Tung and I said "they're going to think all she wears is Ariel"  She comes home tonight and says "Mommy, all the kids today were like What?! you wore your Ariel shirt again?!"  haha too funny!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finally Preschool!

Payton finally had her first day of preschool today. She couldn't have been more excited.  She carried out her bag with her blanket and pillow for naptime and extra clothes to put in her cubby.  She didn't want the extra clothes because she said she doesn't have accidents anymore but I told her it was for just in case, and if maybe she got wet, or messy she might need to change her clothes.

She immediately went off to play with the kitchen when we got there.

When we picked her up she was outside on the playground and she ran right to us when she saw us.  Her teacher Miss Ann said she had a good day, she said she's going to come back next year :)
She can't wait to go back tomorrow.  They gave us a menu and tomorrow for lunch she has porcupine meatballs, I can't wait to ask her how she liked them when we pick her up tomorrow!

Carrying her bag to the car
So excited to finally be in the school!
With Daddy outside the school
With Mommy outside the school

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Payton starts pre-school on Tuesday and she is so beyond excited!  Here she is with Miss Gail on her last day at Miss Gail's house.  Reagan says she is still going to Miss Gail's pre-school and Payton will go to another pre-school.  This is the best pic we could get, she wouldn't keep her eyes open!

Myrtle Beach

We had a great time in Myrtle Beach, we did a lot of things and were also lazy a lot, a perfect vacation.  Other than the fact that BOTH cameras are broken, so we don't have as many pictures as I normally would have taken and the cruise control on the Explorer doesn't always like to work anymore, not fun when you're driving 6 hours.  We went to Charleston, saw some of the pretty old houses, went to the open air market and saw all the people making the sweetgrass baskets, I really wanted one but, wow they are expensive!  Saw the Charleston Riverdogs, it was a neat stadium.  Tung ate the homewrecker hot dog we saw the Man vs. Food guy eat on the Travel Channel, it was huge!
Went to the Dixie Stampede, both girls loved it, Payton's favorite part was the pre-show where a guy juggled and balanced all kinds of crazy things like a ladder on his chin, after the balanced the ladder, he dropped it on the ground and spit out all his teeth, she thought it was real and the look on her face was complete disbelief!  He even saw her and said "if you all could see this little girl in the front, she has concern written all over her face, don't worry I'm OK"
Ate too much good food and went shopping.  I love the Disney store at the outlets can't beat $2.99 for an Ariel t-shirt that makes your daughters so happy!
The last night we were there, we walked on the beach, someone put off a ton of fireworks a football field's length away from us, it was like our own private show, we walked over after they were over and saw where they had dug out castle like things in the sand to set the fireworks in the holes to hold them.  I forget all those fireworks are legal in SC. You definitely couldn't put off anything like that here, you are however not supposed to put them off on the beach and the police did come by but were about 30 min. too late.

Hurricane Earl gave us some crazy waves throughout the week, the high tide on Thursday afternoon was crazy, it came all the way up to the dunes at the edge and puddled about 6" deep, the waves were 8-10 feet and the lifeguards put up the red flags to not swim. They were constantly blowing their whistles to keep everyone out of the water because the rip currents were so bad.  We were thankful for the pool.  Reagan always wanted to be a mermaid in the water, she put her face in blew bubbles and everything.  Payton did a good job doing her "ice cream scoops" swimming in the water and dunking her whole head in.

The last night there, we ate pizza on the bed, both girls think it's so fun to eat pizza on the bed, Payton asked about it the 2nd night we were there, we still had 5 more days until pizza day!

Reagan on the beach this year
Reagan at the beach 2009 for comparison, look at the hair!

Love this one of Payton, she was on the hunt for seashells the whole time we were there.

Trying to take a pic with my girls, they both wanted to run away
Daddy and Payton in the huge hole someone dug

Daddy and Payton in the lazy river

Attempt at a family pic with the broken camera that washes out everything and does not zoom anymore.

In the lifeguard chair at night, too bad the best one of them has my hand in it.