Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy that's what friends are for!

On the way home in the car Payton happened to spot the small sample bag of pretzels I got at the Health fair yesterday when I picked up the Race packets for the 10K, I ate them already. She said "Mommy why didn't you share?" I said well there were only 4 inside, it was a small package and I just ate them. She said, "But Mommy, that's what friends are for, you share, I'm 4 just like you had 4 pretzels but I only would eat just one" haha. Too cute. I just said Yes Payton, Mommy is sorry I should have shared with you.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I love my Reagameister. In the past week it seems like she's grown up so much, I even think she looks older. She's trying to say so many words and it's starting to carry on her own sort of conversation with you. She says Open, nak peas (snack please), shakes her head yes and no when you ask her questions instead of saying anything. She calls the phone cell. Her pacifier is a Yi Yo..we have no idea where she got that from. On the way home today when she saw all the baby sheep in the field she said "Baaa!" really loud all excited that she saw them. She is such a sweetheart giving her sister hugs if she does something to upset her. Reagan is a little tougher than Payton, not as sensitive and will get mad and scream rather than cry. Payton is very sweet to her and doesn't retaliate if Reagan does something to her that makes her upset.

Reagan has been very attached to me this past week on vacation and cried when I left her at Gail's this morning. She's so sweet and snuggly, I love when she yells Mommy! It's not often I get to hug and snuggle her, she's so busy and is miss independent with her own agenda, I'll take everything I can get.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Vacation Day 7

Today we walked around Downtown Disney and hit up some stores to buy some Disney stuff. It's all so expensive in the park we figured there were other places we could get some cute stuff cheaper.

We stopped at Daytona Beach on the way up to Jacksonville and ran around in the sand a little bit. It was fun to have put our feet in the Gulf of Mexico last Saturday and in the Atlantic Ocean less than a week later. The water was chilly but Payton didn't mind one bit.

We're in Jacksonville for the night and will be home tomorrow.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vacation Day 6

Today was Disney day, finally Payton had been waiting forever!
We got to the park at 9 in the morning and the first thing we did was go to Ariel's grotto and after a 40 minute wait she got to meet Ariel the mermaid! It was so cute to see the look on her face when she saw her. She couldn't believe she was sitting right next to Ariel.
We also waited in line so she could meet Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, we took one of her books with us and they all autographed it and she got her picture taken with everyone. We also waited in line for her to see the Fairies so she got to meet Tinkerbelle also.

It was a wonderful day, a little on the chilly side, we were not dressed well for how cool it was, it was the coolest day of our whole trip. We rode It's a Small World, the Tea Cups, Merry Go Round, Payton rode it with her Daddy 6 times. I rode with Reagan once. Payton also rode Dumbo with her Daddy when I had to go buy diapers for Reagan since I left them in the car. Not cool, never forget an essential while in an amusement park the Baby Care sevices charged me $14 for 12 diapers!

Reagan fell asleep and missed the parade and fireworks, Payton fell asleep in the stroller leaving the park but we had to wake her up to get on the cart back to the parking lot.

She's going to talk about this day forever!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vacation Day 5

One of the displays of all our stuff

Part of the Saturn V rocket

The vertical assembly building where the put the space shuttle together and stand it up

from the LC39 observation tower with the shuttle on Launch Pad 39 in the background

Shuttle on the Launch Pad

Today we went to the Kennedy Space Center, I was so excited to go because I've read so much about it from working on all the projects at work. And a shuttle was supposed to launch on Thursday the 18th but they scrubbed the launch because of a leak in the helium tank and rescheduled it for April sometime. But we did still get to see the shuttle sitting on the launch pad which was super cool. However other than that, the day was a bust. Reagan cried. That's pretty much all that occurred. There was a bus you had to ride around the Complex to see everything and she cried and cried and cried. No fun.
But seeing the shuttle on the launch pad was super cool and I saw all of our products in the gift shop and that was pretty neat too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vacation Day 4

view from our seats in the outfield, Payton is making Reagan look

watching the pitchers take batting practice at the training facility.

we were really this close to him, the camera is not zoomed in at all!

he kept looking at the scoreboard checking the time before the start of the game

This morning we left around 9:30 to drive to Clearwater to see the Phillies play the Tigers. It was a little cooler today and breezy. It took about 40 min. to drive there and we went across part of Tampa Bay over a causeway, two lane road with water on each side. It was pretty neat.
The stadium was so cool and we got to walk around the training facilities and watch the minor leaguers practicing. We even saw Roy Halladay and Jamie Moyer taking batting practice.

When we went into the stadium by 11:00 it was already packed with people trying to see the players and get autographs, we stood by the Tigers dugout and were able to see Johnny Damon, Magglio Ordonez and the coach Jim Leyland walk in, we weren't close enough to get autographs but we took pictures. Then we walked around to the berm (grassy area) where our seats were, it was so cool because it was right beside the bullpen. We saw all the Phillies players sitting out there. Payton wanted to go close to the fence to watch them throw the ball so we walked over there, as soon as we got there Justin Verlander walked in to warm up. He was the starting pitcher, one of the best in the American League and he's from Goochland. We were excited to see him but then to be so close you could almost touch him was crazy! A kid asked him if he was going to pitch 99 mph today and he said no, he didn't have it today.

We took tons of pictures and when he ran out to go start the game, the pitching coach took the balls he had been using and walked over to throw them up to fans, everyone was yelling Ball! He walked over to us and asked Tung if he went to Virginia Tech because he was wearing his VT hat, Tung said yes and he said "I did too" and threw him up a ball! Payton was wearing her VT hat too and he said "What about her? Is she going to Tech?" and we said yes, he said give this one to her. Then he handed over another and said to give it to Reagan! We got 3 balls that Verlander had used to warm up. How cool!!

So no autographs but the coach made it for us and we both got Phillies spring training t-shirts. We were amazed it was a lot of fun. We came back and Tung showed Julie how to make fried rice for dinner. The girls played and we watched American Idol.

Tomorrow we leave to go to the Kennedy Space Center.

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Tooth

Reagan is finally getting one of her pointy teeth on the top right when you look at her. They've taken forever to come in and I noticed it today while we were driving. One down, 3 more to go!

Vacation Day 3

All the kids eating dinner

Payton standing under the T-Rex

Payton with the Stegasaurus

The little ladies with the stegasaurus?

Payton and Grace on the dinosaur foot

This morning after Taylor and Kathlyn went to school and Grace had her survival swimming lesson we went to Plant City to Dinosaur World. Payton was very excited to see all the dinosaurs she sees on the Dinosaur Train show on PBS all the time. It was really neat, they were huge life size dinosaurs set in like a habitat.
On the way back we stopped at a gas station to get a cuban sandwich, they were really good. Reagan and I walked to the bus stop with Julie to get Taylor and Kathlyn at 2:30, Reagan got excited when she saw them. We played this afternoon and Tung went to the store and got stuff to make grilled grouper and grilled romaine lettuce with onions and bacon on top. And strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Payton and Reagan have had the best time playing with their cousins, they both are exhausted and fast asleep.
Tomorrow we're going to Clearwater to see the Phillies play the Tigers, I can't wait. We might see if the Clearwater Beach is close so we can walk along it a little bit.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vacation Day 2

Kathlyn, Grace and Payton

in the hot (cold) tub playing

Taylor and a tired Reagan

McKechnie field, Pirates stadium in Bradenton

We left Dave and Sara's house this morning around 9:30 and headed up to Tampa. On the way we stopped in Bradenton to see the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training stadium. There was a game and the cheapest tickets were $6 so we thought maybe we could just buy tickets go in and get some autographs and leave before the game started but it was sold out and people were selling tickets for $30-$50 because they were playing the Yankees today so we walked around took some pictures and kept on driving. It was so pretty out.
We got to Julie and Kent's house around 12:00, Payton was so excited to play with her cousins they all played all afternoon. They have a playground out back and Payton climbed all over the place. Kent tried to put some hot water in the hot tub so they could get in and play some, it made it a little warmer but they got in anyway. Teeth chattering and everything but they didn't care.
After dinner we went to ColdStone for ice cream because Kathlyn won her first soccer game and she was promised ice cream when they won. Grace doesn't like ice cream so she ate just gummy bears and chocolate chips! Reagan was too tired so she didn't eat much ice cream either.
Payton is sleeping in the Cinderella sleeping bag on the floor upstairs, she was not ready to sleep but she's too tired.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vacation Day 1

Tampa Bay Rays stadium Port Charlotte, FL

Banyan Tree on Boca Grande

with the Gulf of Mexico behind us

We got here yesterday around 6:00, 14 hour drive, the girls did great! We went to Punta Gorda for dinner and Payton tried Gator bites, she loved them!
Today we went to Boca Grande in the morning, they were having Island Fest so we were able to see a walking parade, decorated bikes and people throwing candy. We saw Banyan Trees, they drop roots down from the branches and leaves and root themselves in the ground, hard to explain but pretty cool.
We put our feet in the Gulf of Mexico, Payton picked up a coconut from the ground under the palm tree and we saw a lizard running around. Dave said if you pick them up by their tail it will fall off and they'll run away.
Saw our first spring training game the Rays vs. Marlins, so cool! You are so close to the field and Reagan and I even talked to a Marlins pitcher.
Tung is on a mission to eat grouper every day we're in Florida, so far he's 2 for 2.
For dinner we went to Venice, FL and ate at Sharkey's a restaurant right on the ocean with a pier that goes way far out. It was nice to sit and listen to the ocean while you ate.
We're having a lot of fun and tomorrow we're off to Tampa to see Julie, Kent and the girls.
Pictures to come!

Monday, March 8, 2010

new words

Reagan is trying to say a lot more words lately. Tonight she picks up her plate and says "pate" that's an improvement, everything food goes on has been a bowl :)
She had a cheese quesadilla tonight, she opened up every single triangle and ate only the cheese out. We hid chicken inside of Payton's and she ate the whole thing chicken and all. It's a fight to get that girl to eat meat, but hiding it like that proves she can eat it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Strawberry monsters

This afternoon I came home and had gotten the girls a snack of strawberries, I put Reagan in her high chair and gave her a bowl of cut up strawberries. I gave Payton some whole ones in a bowl, then went outside for a few minutes to talk to the guys who had come to fix our broken gutter.

I came back inside to Reagan banging her bowl on the table saying "More!". So I asked her do you want more strawberries? She shook her head Yes. So I said OK, give me your bowl, I'll get you some. She shakes her head No and says "PayPay!" Payton had pushed the stool up to the sink and was washing more strawberries for her and Reagan. She was taking care of her sister. How cute!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preschool Visit

We took Payton to the preschool this morning for a visit, to see what we think and get all the paperwork to sign up for the fall. Well as we predicted, she did not want to leave. She got to listen to a story in circle time and made herself right at home. She was upset when it was time to go. So we'll need to mark on her calendar when she gets to go all day every day to give her a reference point.

In the car going to Gail's after the visit she explained to me what she wants to do when she grows up.
After Miss Gail's school, she'll go to preschool. After that Kindergarten, then for her first job she wants to be a dentist, for 2 weeks. In the two weeks that she spends being a dentist, she said I could visit her and she'll clean my teeth. Maybe Reagan could be a dentist too and they could be dentists together.

Next she wants to be a doctor just for 3 weeks. Then she wants to be a grocery store payer, aka cashier. Maybe at Target, not the grocery store. Target has clothes. She would buy some to be the checker. I told her Target checkers have to wear red and pants, no pink and no skirts. She said that's OK.

For her final job she wants to be a Mommy. Reagan is going to be a Mommy before she is because she has to do all her other jobs first.

What a conversation we had :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


If you say Reagan's name, she says Raygay! And if you say Payton's name she says Paypay. So cute!