Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Beach Getaway

Tryingto make a sand castle

Payton is trying to get Reagan to stand still, it was so windy!

Throwing sand, she threw sand for probably 10 minutes!

writing once upon a time in the sand

Reag attempting a sand castle

Reagan's person she drew in the sand

We had a lot of fun swimming in the pool and eating good food that is not good for you!  The pool was chilly but worth it for the girls, they were worn out, we all fell asleep while watching Ice Skating on tv. It was a fun weekend!

New Years Eve

For two years now we've gone bowling on New Years Eve, the girls think it's so fun and we do too since we never go bowling otherwise.  Reagan was into it a lot longer than Payton and wanted to pick up the 6 lb. ball herself and roll it down.  We came home and let them stay up until they crashed, Reagan made it until midnight with energy to spare, Payton crashed at 11:50 and there was no waking her up!  Reag was disappointed though that the ball drop wasn't more climactic, she thought it was going to smash apart everywhere!

Tung helping Reagan get the ramp

Payton helping Reagan get the ball ready to roll down

Young House Love

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with the Young House Love blog. They are so creative with ideas and things they do to make their house a home.  They do a lot themselves and always on a budget, they make things around the house seem completely doable for anyone and I have gotten a lot of ideas from them.  Really I would say finding their blog is what even got me back into sewing and finding free tutorials for that online which has sort of turned into an obsession as well.  I was so excited to meet them last Friday when they appeared at a Richmond Comedy Colition Improv show.  It was something different a lot of fun and I got to meet John and Sherry!