Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reagan's Birthday Week

Reagan started out the week before her birthday with her party at Miss Gail's house. We did a Minnie Mouse theme and I made a pin the bow on Minnie's head and they had Minnie party hats.  Gail said she totally knew what the presents were all about and knew they were hers.  She still thinks she's 1 though. When you tell her on her birthday she'll be 2, she gets all mad and says "No, Mommy, Reagan 1!!"

Saturday the 3rd we had her party.   She had a great time opening her presents.

She opened them much more slowly than Payton does now.  She was cute to watch.

Not quite so sure about blowing the candles out, we had to help her.

Enjoying her cake cup as she calls them, she loved the chocolate frosting!  Not quite the same as the first birthday, but still fun to see her love it so much.

Morning after the party, she is still holding onto the Elmo balloon with one hand, while she ate Apple Jacks with the other hand while watching the Disney channel.

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Grammy said...

She is so big now:) I love this picture:)