Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Squirrels Baseball

with Juan Perez before the game, he picked up Reag and put her on the wall for the picture

We love to go to the Flying Squirrel baseball games especially on Sundays when the girls are free for being a member of the Kids Club.  The girls even like it but of course they always want something like cotton candy or dippin dots! We went last night with VRS, they gave employees tickets and family members could buy extras at a discount. Payton stood along the field and got 4 autographs herself when the players ran out.  Juan Perez was very nice and picked up Reagan for the picture and set her back down after I took it. She didn't mind at all. It was Nutzy Garden Gnome giveaway night so we have a gnome for our garden somewhere!

Reagan the Monster

So sweet and innocent!

Yet this is what she did to the blind in her room!   

Reagan is so crazy! I have no idea what prompted this but I found this one morning in her room a few weeks ago, apparently she was hungry one night and bit the window blind. One so hard she broke it, and put some good bite marks in others. What was she thinking?! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Fun

Love how Reagan's feet are off the pedals and she looks so frozen stiff.

Reagan is not a good pusher, Payton almost fell off here!

I can't remember if they were moving but it doesn't look like it with Payton riding and Reagan's feet off the pedals

Ah, chubby feet and hands, love them!

Drinking the water out of the slip and slide and spitting it into the bucket,great idea Reagan!

Love this one, such a cutie.

They played in this thing Friday afternoon for over 2 hours, thanks Nannie for the slip and slide!

Enough pictures!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

I was excited to take on the Pinterest Challenge I read about on Young House Love. I have actually made a lot of projects that I've pinned on Pinterest, I'm completely addicted and once I pin something it sort of burns a hole in my pocket until I attempt it.  Most of the projects I've completed though are sewing projects, I love to sew for my little girls or for friends that have new little babies.

Here's one Home project I've completed.
This is the Pinspiration, they used a rubber door mat as a stencil laid across two stained boards and spray painted over it for the design.

And here is my version of it. I couldn't find a door mat I loved to cover two boards at once at a price I loved as well, so I just repeated the pattern across all four. I love how it turned out and it goes very well with my living room, which you could see if I had a better picture than what I took with my touch as I flew out of the house this morning, lamenting to my husband that I forgot it was Tuesday and Pinterest Challenge Day and I couldn't wait until I got home to post!

Check out the completed challenges and see what everyone else was inspired by at Young House Love Katie at Bower Power Lana at Making a House a Home and Emily Henderson