Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Big Girl

I am so proud of Payton, she learned to ride her bike with no training wheels last Sunday April 21. She had not been too interested before, but asked Tung to take the training wheels off about two months ago, it was cold but she tried riding down the road, she was not excited and scared to try by herself, I guess she made up her mind because on Sunday she wanted to try again and within 20 minutes was riding all over the place.
She has decorated her bike with streamers to make it pretty and I need to make her a new basket for the front.

She loves tennis, she has been a little thrown off because for the past 2 weeks we couldn't go on her night because of things at school so she has had different coaches and different kids in her class and it has made her a little upset not knowing who was going to be there each week but next week will be back to normal.  I'm glad she likes it and I'm having fun learning about tennis while I watch her too.

It's interesting to watch the kids learn forehand and backhand, since Payton is left handed she is backwards from everyone else, this coach was left handed too so was showing her how to hold the racket for a backhand.
She loves her friends but we are finding it challenging to figure out how to teach her to be her own person and not do or say things your friends tell you to just because they tell you to do it.  She is such a smart, caring girl and wants everyone to like her.  She was so excited one day when a girl in her class who has not been very nice to her sometimes told her that she was her friend.  Payton said she has tried to be nice to her and play with her and the girl is finally being nice back, so cute.  Love that girl.