Monday, December 31, 2012

Tea Party

Reagan loves to play tea party, she always has someone set up with some food, a tea cup and of course blankets and pillow and bags of who knows what.  It's her absolute favorite thing to do, I realized I'd never really taken a picture of the chaos that becomes a tea party so I took some a few weeks ago.

The tea party set up with a pillow for all attendees.

The tea pots

Getting the food ready to serve.

Jingle Putter all dressed up ready for tea.

Reagan's Christmas Program

Reagan's Christmas program at preschool was December 13, she was so excited! Her favorite song was Feliz Navidad, she said she was a big girl because she knew all the words and her teacher didn't know them as well as her.  She sang that and Away in a Manger for weeks!  I told her that she could wear a fancy dress the day of the program and she said "No! I can't, I have to wear my sheep costume!" Once she found out she could wear the dress and the sheep at the same time, she agreed.  The kids were so cute and it was fun everyone could be there to see her in her first little event that was all her without Payton.

Love how most everyone leaned to the left and Reagan leaned to the right.


Payton came home at the beginning of December with a note saying that her "Junky Portrait" was chosen to be put in an art gallery at a local coffee shop for the month of December. They had made the portrait with different recycled materials, we were able to take all the grandparents to see the art and have some ice cream!  She was so proud and the first time she found it hanging on the wall the look on her face was pricless, I wish I was quick enough to get a picture!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pierced Ears

Payton has wanted her ears pierced for a while.  As early as preschool I had told her she needed to be at least 7 years old and in 1st grade.  She did not forget it so we told her for her birthday this year she could get her ears pierced.  Tonight was the night, I have not seen the girl so excited over something.  She even said "Do any of my sentences not have the word earrings in them?" LOL.
We went to Claire's at Short Pump and she picked out little pink flowers.  They did one ear at a time and she was hugging the bear crunched up.  The girl said she could sit on my lap if she wanted and that worked a lot better, so I held her.  It's crazy how nervous I was for someone to put holes in my baby's ears!  She did great and did not cry, I thought she was for the second one but she held back.  I guess even our sensitive Payton can be tough for something she wants bad enough!
It's been so much fun seeing her so excited to do this and I know it makes her feel like such a big girl, and makes me feel like she's too big of a girl.  It's amazing how something so small is such a big deal, it really is the little things.  I love this girl!

Hugging the bear, so excited!

Marking the dots on her ears

Getting ready to do the first ear.

Second ear all done!

And she is SO Happy!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Pinterest Edition

My pinterest challenge this time is my daughter's Halloween costume. I had plans for something different but having 2 weeks of your month knocked out by sickness makes you re-evaluate and the most important thing was getting my daughter her Halloween costume, so here we go..the Pinspiration....

And my take on it.

Darn you hurricane Sandy for making me take pictures inside in the dark! I did make my own shoe covers to cover her crocs since she insisted that she needed green shoes with pom poms.  I love how it turned out and I have a happy girl!
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Monday, October 29, 2012

State Fair

We had a lot of fun at the State Fair even if it was the first day of me starting to get sick and I didn't feel very well.  We ran into Ms. Nicole from preschool and her daughter Lindsey gave the girls her unlimited ride bracelets that she was not going to use, so they got to ride to their hearts content! And...Reagan conquered a huge corn dog, she ate maybe a quarter of it and then Payton and Tung ate the rest!

Their favorite ride of the night.

They liked this ride until the boys they were riding with figured out how to make it spin faster and Payton ended up getting off crying because they went too fast.

We weren't sure about this ride, it whipped you around the corner pretty good but after they came out of it, we saw them smiling and cracked up, they loved it!

feeding the goats...or trying to keep the goats from feeding on them.


The girls have so much fun together and I love to just watch them sometimes when they are outside and do not know I'm watching.

Ring Around the Rosie?

Ready to go watch Disney on Ice, but Dress Up is definitely their favorite thing to do together.

Reading under the umbrella, they love sitting in the sun and I love how they always search for an umbrella to shade themselves.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Myrtle Beach

We left August 25 for vacation at Myrtle Beach, we went with our friends Paul and Becky and Liam.  We had a good time once we got there and the girls had fun with Liam. A 5 hour trip turned into 10 when I-95 was shut down in both directions in North Carolina for flooding, we had to detour through a few tiny little towns and it took 2 hours to go 5 miles.  I felt bad for the people and the flooding they would have to deal with so extra time to get to my vacation was no big deal.

The first day we experimented with plaster of paris and making molds in the sand, some turned out really well, others not as much, sadly 2 of ours lost fingers on the way home but it was fun to make them.  I was glad Paul could help mix the plaster I wasn't quite sure how it was going to work in the sand!


Liam buried the girls...with some help

Where there is a camera Payton will pose

More concerned about the pose than mini golf

They loved having their Daddy throw them in the pool

The best picture we could get, Payton said it was too bright.

The best one of Tung.

So sweet.

Reagan being thrown in the pool.

11th Anniversary

Tung and I went to Nags Head for our 11th Anniversary, we left the morning after the baseball campout.  It rained a little bit Saturday afternoon when we got there, but then cleared up and it was really nice.  We ate breakfast at the Virginia Diner, I had never been and it was really good.

We walked up Jockey's Ridge and watched kids slide down on their boogie boards.  There had been so much rain recently there was a big pond at the bottom of the dunes and they were all sliding into it.  It was so windy at the top, we found sand stuck to us for days!

Sunday morning we had probably the best donuts I've ever had.  I'd heard people say Duck Donuts were amazing and they most definitely were!  I'm going to have to go back someday just to get Donuts!

Jeanette's Pier
Saturday night we had a really good dinner at Tale of the Whale and went to a club and heard the band Right On a 70s show band, they had a DJ too it was really fun.  Everything at Nags Head is so far apart, we felt like we were driving forever.  So many people rave about the Outer Banks and while we liked it, I don't think I could go for a whole week. The shoreline is steep and the waves were rough. Myrtle Beach is much nicer for kids. 
On the way home we stopped and took pictures of the Gravedigger for Reagan, she loves the Monster Trucks!

We had a great weekend and a lot of fun together.

Baseball Campout

Friday August 10 we camped out at the Diamond, they were calling for rain but it held off, they played the baseball game and we set up the tent.

The girls thought it was fun to brush their teeth in the bathroom at the stadium.

There were 2 guys that stayed overnight that said they would be watching the radar too in case any new storms popped up.  At 5:30 in the morning we woke up to rain, we were dry inside the tent so no big deal, then we saw a huge bolt of lightening and knew we had to get out of there.  Tung grabbed Payton and I grabbed Reagan and we ran across the field!  I passed the two guys that had stayed at the field on the way up to the concourse, they were running out to tell everyone to get up and come in. It was windy and chilly, the girls were cold but we didn't have anything to wrap around them because we had just ran!  The guys let us go through the dug out underneath the stadium to stay warm, they were very nice.  They even showed the kids where Parker the pig stayed during the homestands to calm them down.

We knew there was a chance to get wet when we set up the tent but had no idea the storm would be so bad! The guys felt bad we all got wet so everyone got 4 free box seat tickets to come back to another game.  It was quite an adventure and overall fun but I would never repeat being in the middle of a baseball field in pouring down rain and lightening again!