Saturday, March 21, 2009

Payton Is So BIG!

Payton seems to grow a lot at once. All of a sudden again she seems like such a big girl to me. Today was the first day she wore her big girl underwear all day long, we went out to the restaurant supply store, she had to go while we were there, luckily there was a bathroom that was actually clean, and she went. She went at the restaurant when we at lunch and did so well all day! No accidents and she told us every time!
While in the restaurant store I was naming off all the things I saw, high chairs, trays, bowls, cups and she says yeah and machines the back were fryers, freezers and big appliances. She always amazes me with the words she uses. I wish I could tape her sometimes so I could remember everything she tells me.

This afternoon I was packing some things up and giving her things to carry to the kitchen to help me out. She carried 4 cans of mandarin oranges I told her to just put them on the table. I come out to put them away and can only find one can, she had put the others away herself, one under the sink, one in the cabinet next to the stove, and two in the big cabinet. We didn't find them all at once but throughout the night as we opened things up.

She helped Tung take all the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, she carried him a pile of plates and bowls that we thought for sure would be too heavy for her but she insisted upon helping. It's so cute how much she loves to help and how good of a job she does.

She makes me crazy with her 3 year old crazies, she still doesn't like to sit in the chair and constantly worries me about she going to be in Kindergarten and stand up at the lunch table?! haha. I love her more and more the bigger she gets, she's so amazing.