Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Pinterest Edition

My pinterest challenge this time is my daughter's Halloween costume. I had plans for something different but having 2 weeks of your month knocked out by sickness makes you re-evaluate and the most important thing was getting my daughter her Halloween costume, so here we go..the Pinspiration....

And my take on it.

Darn you hurricane Sandy for making me take pictures inside in the dark! I did make my own shoe covers to cover her crocs since she insisted that she needed green shoes with pom poms.  I love how it turned out and I have a happy girl!
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Monday, October 29, 2012

State Fair

We had a lot of fun at the State Fair even if it was the first day of me starting to get sick and I didn't feel very well.  We ran into Ms. Nicole from preschool and her daughter Lindsey gave the girls her unlimited ride bracelets that she was not going to use, so they got to ride to their hearts content! And...Reagan conquered a huge corn dog, she ate maybe a quarter of it and then Payton and Tung ate the rest!

Their favorite ride of the night.

They liked this ride until the boys they were riding with figured out how to make it spin faster and Payton ended up getting off crying because they went too fast.

We weren't sure about this ride, it whipped you around the corner pretty good but after they came out of it, we saw them smiling and cracked up, they loved it!

feeding the goats...or trying to keep the goats from feeding on them.


The girls have so much fun together and I love to just watch them sometimes when they are outside and do not know I'm watching.

Ring Around the Rosie?

Ready to go watch Disney on Ice, but Dress Up is definitely their favorite thing to do together.

Reading under the umbrella, they love sitting in the sun and I love how they always search for an umbrella to shade themselves.