Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"I lick you Mommy"

Payton had swim lessons tonight and they let Reagan get in the kids pool to splash around.  So it was fun to play just with Reagan for 45 min. in the water, but I didn't see anything Payton did tonight except she did voluntarily go completely under the water.  It was a pretty big 1 foot deep kids pool, whenever other kids got in it Reagan would say "Boy splash Reagan's pool"  she totally thought it was all hers and no one else should be in it!

While she was singing to me tonight, she wouldn't let me sing to her...she stops mid-song and says "I lick you Mommy" and proceeds to lick me right on my chest.  Way too funny that girl!

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Anonymous said...

Aww!! So sweet! :) Don't you just love how their minds work? :)
And I would LOVE to find a place like that mall you mentioned- I'd be so happy if I could take him everywhere with me! I would if I could!