Monday, September 12, 2011

I Heart Faces Back to School

My oldest daughter started Kindergarten this year.  After Hurricane Irene came through, we then had a week of rain courtesy of Tropical Storm Lee, so the first day of school was very wet.  She was so very excited to get on the bus. I love this picture because the look on her face shows her emotion for the entire day.  She absolutely could not believe that she was next to get on the bus.  Her little sister wanted to get on as well, but had to settle for holding the umbrella, in the torrential downpour!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten!

My favorite picture of the day, the look on her face says it all!
Payton was so very excited to get on the bus this morning, she was standing at the door with her backpack on at 6:45, the bus didn't come until 7:40, she was so very cute.

She packed her own lunch, baby corn, mandarin oranges or maryland oranges as she calls them, peanut butter and jelly and pudding with an apple for snack, she ate it all.

Her backpack was super wet when she came home either from her water bottle or from sitting it on the ground in the rain, not sure but I think probably the water bottle, so her folders that are supposed to go back and forth to school are no more. They didn't even survive the first day! I had to e-mail the teacher and tell her what happened and dry out all the papers I needed to sign to send back.

Getting off the bus this afternoon, just as excited as when she got on in the morning!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Reagan talks a lot

Reagan cracks me up, she talks all the time non stop. I lose track of what she's even trying to say and sometimes think she doesn't even know what she's saying.  If the girls ask Tung to do something he'll mess with them and ask them to say Please Daddy, not just please.  The other day he asked Reagan "Please who?" Instead of saying Daddy she said "Please You!"

Tonight I asked her what her favorite thing to eat is, she said the food she cooks in her own kitchen.  I asked her her favorite thing to play with, she said dress ups and her kitchen.  Then she says Guess what my favorite day of the week is? I thought she was going to do her joke when she asks "What's the sun's  best day of the week?  Sunday! but instead she says When I get to stay home with you.  If I wasn't already crying about Payton I was now with Reagan, LOL! She didn't leave Daddy and Payton out, she said she likes to stay home with Daddy and Payton too.  She's a crazy silly girl but so very sweet!