Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sleep? What's that?

Last night we put Payton and Reagan to sleep at 8:00. They both were so tired from the weekend.  Reagan however wanted no parts of sleep.  She cried and cried when I laid her down, didn't want a story, didn't want a song, didn't want to be rocked.  Tung went in and she finally got quiet and laid down.  She kept talking to herself, then started yelling Daddy, Mommy!  Tung went up to check on her and she had pulled the curtain down off the window.  The bracket holding the curtain rod up was bent and the screw pulled out of the trim.  She says to me.  Mommy, broken.  I said I know, you broke it.  She said No, Daddy broken.  Um. not quite!  I laid her down and said Reagan needs to go to sleep.  She said Yeah, Reagan sleep.  Finally around 10 she was out.
Thanks to Payton showing her earlier in the day she could reach the curtain and play hide and seek behind it...guess Reagan doesn't know her own strength!

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