Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bedtime Rendezvous

Another night where neither of them sleep when they are supposed to.  However tonight, Payton was very sweet and went to help her sister out.  She gave her back her yi-yo when she threw it out and apparently gave her some books to read.
So this is how we found Reagan when we went to check on her.  So cute how Payton goes in her room after she's supposed to be asleep and takes care of her sister.  And hey..at least she didn't pull the curtain down again!

This is how we find Payton almost every night.  She goes to sleep under the covers and ends up like this
...on top of a completely made bed.  She's lovin the Ariel pajamas from Auntie Lori!


Anonymous said...

Sara! I love your blog, and your girls are so daggone adorable!! :)

Sara said...

Thanks Jennie!