Friday, November 16, 2012

Pierced Ears

Payton has wanted her ears pierced for a while.  As early as preschool I had told her she needed to be at least 7 years old and in 1st grade.  She did not forget it so we told her for her birthday this year she could get her ears pierced.  Tonight was the night, I have not seen the girl so excited over something.  She even said "Do any of my sentences not have the word earrings in them?" LOL.
We went to Claire's at Short Pump and she picked out little pink flowers.  They did one ear at a time and she was hugging the bear crunched up.  The girl said she could sit on my lap if she wanted and that worked a lot better, so I held her.  It's crazy how nervous I was for someone to put holes in my baby's ears!  She did great and did not cry, I thought she was for the second one but she held back.  I guess even our sensitive Payton can be tough for something she wants bad enough!
It's been so much fun seeing her so excited to do this and I know it makes her feel like such a big girl, and makes me feel like she's too big of a girl.  It's amazing how something so small is such a big deal, it really is the little things.  I love this girl!

Hugging the bear, so excited!

Marking the dots on her ears

Getting ready to do the first ear.

Second ear all done!

And she is SO Happy!

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