Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Lord's Prayer

I've been trying to teach Payton the Lord's Prayer, saying it with her at night before she goes to sleep.  I had thought I needed to write it down so she could see it in writing to help her learn it.  She was at summer school at the church all of two days when she rattles the whole thing off in the car one afternoon saying "listen to what I learned today".  I said Payton, that's what we have been saying at night, she says I know that, but now I can say it with you because I learned it at school.  Just like her Dad, I can't tell him anything but as soon as someone else tells him, he thinks it's a great idea :)

Showing off her sparkly mermaid tattoo from the Ashland Strawberry Faire.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kindergarten Class Party

Today was Payton's end of year party, they played some water games and ate cupcakes, ice pops and other treats.  They had a lot of fun, they made these shirts special to wear today.
Waiting for her name to be called for her certificate.

Lined up outside ready for water games.

Tossing the balloon with Brayton.

Mrs. White bracing for the burst of the water balloon!

With her teacher Mrs. White, who she says was the best thing about Kindergarten!

Fried Rice

Tung's fried rice recipe, complete with amateur photography

4-5 cups Cold Jasmine Rice (cooked rice that has been cooled in fridge for a few hours - this keeps it from being mushy!)
3-4 Eggs
2-3 Cloves Minced Garlic
2-3 tbs Butter
16 oz Frozen Mixed Vegetables
3/4 lb Honey Ham, or center cut ham, cut into chunks
1-2 tbs peanut or vegetable oil - for frying
2-3 tbs Sesame Oil - I use Kyoto - for flavor
Salt and Pepper

Have your lovely assistant pick the frozen green beans out of the bag of mixed vegetables because frozen green beans are just no good.

Scramble the eggs in the wok...not completely, a little under done so they don't over cook when you throw them back in later...take them out.

Season rice with some salt and pepper . Throw the rice into the wok on medium high heat with vegetable oil.   Add butter, and garlic, stir for 4-5 minutes until rice is warm and broken up. Rice should not burn if you keep stirring.
Throw in the mixed vegetables...mix together with a folding motion to not smash the vegetables.
Add a few tablespoons of sesame oil, it's for flavor not frying.
Add in ham, mix together, heat through.
Last, throw back in the eggs, mix to combine for a minute and you're done!

We put on soy sauce when we eat it...if you have an Asian store Golden Mountain soy sauce is the best :)

Dance Recital

Payton had her 3rd dance recital last Saturday, she amazes me.  She loves ballet and is so very graceful, I love to watch her dance and the 3 minutes on stage is not long enough.  Dance is definitely her thing, she practices at home, outside, in the grocery store absolutely everywhere the girl is twirling and dancing.  I can't believe how grown up she is already!

My Birthday

I love my a whole bunch! This year Tung surprised me with 2 very pretty dresses that fit perfectly so I wore one on my birthday.  I had cake pops from my friend Stacia for dessert and Cheesesteak from Str8 Outta Philly for dinner.  For some crazy reason I'm excited to be 33 and it was such a fun day!


I guess Payton was super tired one night a few weeks ago.  We went upstairs to go to sleep and I went into the girls' bathroom, turned the light on and found this...
She scared me! After I made sure she was OK, it was too funny. I had heard her go to the bathroom about an hour before but she didn't remember any of it and just decided to lay down here I guess!

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day we went to the Poor Farm Park playground and had a picnic, I always like to go to the park on Mother's Day and I LOVE playground pictures! The bright colors and the looks on their faces from the fun they are having is the best!

Payton loves the tire swing, Reagan always looks like she's going to be sick on it!

Peaking through the hole in the tunnel.

Reagan is driving me in the race car.

Going up the slide.

Queen of the mountain!

She loved sliding down this pole.