Friday, April 2, 2010


This afternoon I attempted to lay Reagan down to take a nap. She cried and cried so I gave her her paci aka Yi-Yo as she calls it. An hour and 15 min. later she still was not asleep yelling Mommy! So I went in to get her out. I asked her to give me her Yi Yo, she shook her head no. So I said OK you must still want to sleep, I closed the door and went in the hallway, stood there for a minute then I went back in and said "Do you want out?" She shook her head yes. I said take out the Yi Yo and give it to me. She popped it out and handed it over.

So 5 minutes later I'm in Payton's room getting her clothes together and I don't see Reagan, I turn around and she's coming out of the bathroom struggling to hold the stool, I watch her go down the hallway carry it into her room and put it in front of her dresser, she climbs on top and stretches to reach the top of the dresser yelling Yi Yo, Yi Yo! Too cute. She was determined.

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