Monday, December 31, 2012

Tea Party

Reagan loves to play tea party, she always has someone set up with some food, a tea cup and of course blankets and pillow and bags of who knows what.  It's her absolute favorite thing to do, I realized I'd never really taken a picture of the chaos that becomes a tea party so I took some a few weeks ago.

The tea party set up with a pillow for all attendees.

The tea pots

Getting the food ready to serve.

Jingle Putter all dressed up ready for tea.

Reagan's Christmas Program

Reagan's Christmas program at preschool was December 13, she was so excited! Her favorite song was Feliz Navidad, she said she was a big girl because she knew all the words and her teacher didn't know them as well as her.  She sang that and Away in a Manger for weeks!  I told her that she could wear a fancy dress the day of the program and she said "No! I can't, I have to wear my sheep costume!" Once she found out she could wear the dress and the sheep at the same time, she agreed.  The kids were so cute and it was fun everyone could be there to see her in her first little event that was all her without Payton.

Love how most everyone leaned to the left and Reagan leaned to the right.


Payton came home at the beginning of December with a note saying that her "Junky Portrait" was chosen to be put in an art gallery at a local coffee shop for the month of December. They had made the portrait with different recycled materials, we were able to take all the grandparents to see the art and have some ice cream!  She was so proud and the first time she found it hanging on the wall the look on her face was pricless, I wish I was quick enough to get a picture!