Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Botanical Garden

I love the botanical garden.  If I didn't work I would have a membership, I can't go as often as I would like. It's so relaxing and always so pretty in all the seasons.  It was also a lot of fun to go and see beautiful green grass, and colorful flowers when I have nothing that is green anymore from the many 100+degree days and little rain we've had this summer.  This time the water play was open and the girls had a good time playing in the pop jets.  Reagan liked it a lot more than Payton, she got tired of the other kids sitting on the jets so the water wouldn't come out or getting in her way.  And she said she was cold, now Monday was in the mid-90s rather than the mid-100s but still, is she crazy?!
It was fun to see Reagan excited about something and do her own thing.

The butterflies aren't coming to the conservatory this year, but we saw a lot of them in the garden.

I love the bright colors they always plant along the walkway to the conservatory

Payton took this of me in the treehouse, not too bad!

They got surprised by the pop jets when the turned on!

Payton sitting right in the middle

Reagan trying to wipe her eyes!

She loved standing right in the middle and sticking her hands in the water spraying up

Sweeping out the little house in the village.

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