Friday, February 26, 2010


Reagan is so cute how when you ask her something she says "Mmm Hmm" like she's answering you. She'll shake her head yes and no if you ask her a question. She still doesn't say a whole bunch of words but definitely a lot more than she was a few months ago. She knows No and just last weekend said Yes. Here she is in her Daddy's favorite bone pj's that were Payton's when she was little.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This morning I left home to take Payton and Reagan to Gail's and go to work. I left the bag of valentines in the kitchen for their Valentine Party today and realized that when I got to the stop light. I turned around in the Food Lion parking lot and heard the phone ring, but couldn't find it. I remembered Reagan had it this morning so I said Reagan do you have the phone? She held it up and Payton laughed and said Yes, Reagan has it.

I got home and went inside to get the Valentine's, Tung is talking on the phone, I said I heard you call but couldn't get it because Reagan had it. He said I know, I'm talking to her now! Reagan had figured out how to answer the phone and was saying "Daddy?" haha. Too funny.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


This is how we found Payton asleep when we went to check on her before we went to bed Saturday night

Payton Tubing in the Snow

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Putter!

Tung picked me up from work and went and got the girls from Gail's. So in all the excitement of Daddy coming to get her, Payton left Putter. Halfway back to our house Payton screams "I left Putter!!!" I wanted to go back and get her, but knew at some point she also needed to understand that if she leaves her we can't always get her back. Tung said she'd be fine so don't go get him and I knew if I called Gail to come back and get him, she'd probably say the same thing. After we got home she was fine and she didn't even ask for him when she went to sleep.
It was the first day ever that we haven't had Putter and it wasn't a tragedy!


We come home yesterday, Reagan walks right into the kitchen, tries to take off her coat, points at the refrigerator and says "Nak Peas!!" She wanted a snack. So cute. She knows the routine.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Helping unpack the bags from the grocery store

After everyone took a nap, I took them to Kroger with me, they were really good. Payton helped me in the store put things in the cart and when we got home Reagan helped take everything out of the bags and set it out on the floor for me to put away.