Thursday, June 25, 2009

Words & Standing

Beep Beep!
Beautiful ballerina

Wearing Daddy's hat at Celebrate Fairfax

Hokie Sisters

Payton watches my lips so carefully when I'm talking to her and telling her new words she may not have heard before. Putting together the state puzzle, I told her to put the Mississippi puzzle piece on, she asked me to say it again and watched me say it, then said it herself perfectly.

The Reagameister is standing a lot by herself. She pulls up on everything all the time and lets go. Last night, she turned herself around while standing up herself. She loves to play peek a boo and will put her hands over her face to do it herself and will crawl down the hallway, come back and peek around the corner of the room and laugh. Too cute!
We've been playing outside in the pool, Payton would stay in all day and Reagan thinks it's just like taking a bath, she loves it. Payton has started dance classes and is all about being a ballerina. It was supposed to be a fun summer thing, but I don't know if she's going to like it ending at the end of the summer, we might have to sign up for the year long one!

Obama's Big Lady


This morning while we were eating breakfast, Payton says “I saw Obama’s big lady on Sesame Street yesterday” I had seen that Michelle Obama was going to be on Sesame Street but I didn’t know when, evidently Payton saw her yesterday and recognized her. We asked her if his little girls Sasha and Malia were on? She said no, just his big lady, she likes to exercise! She must have done a segment about exercising! Haha. And here I found the video on YouTube of her talking about healthy lunches and exercise!