Friday, February 21, 2014

Shoreline Boatneck Test

I was so excited to be able to test a new pattern the Shoreline Boatneck for Blank Slate Patterns.  I made the Blank Tank for my daughter last summer and really loved the pattern, it fit very well and was easy to sew especially for my first time sewing with knits.  It was exactly what she wanted, simple, nothing fancy but you could play with colors to fit your own personality.

I really loved the Shoreline Boatneck pattern, it fit very well with no alterations, I used the measurements on the pattern to find my size.

There are 3 sleeve length options, I chose the elbow length and added elastic to help hold them up, I love 3/4 sleeves and always push them up around my elbow so I wanted them to stay, it worked perfectly.

The sleeves were very comfortable around my shoulders and not restricting at all, I also really liked the tip to stitch in the ditch along the shoulder seams to hold down the facing so you didn't have to top stitch around the whole neckline for a cleaner finish if you choose. This pattern can be made from woven or knit fabric, and has a dress option. I can't wait to make some more, I really want to try it in knit.  I really love Melissa's lace version but do not think I am brave enough to sew with lace yet!

You can purchase the pattern and make one yourself here!  Blank Slate Patterns Shoreline Boatneck

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's "Dance"

We've been talking about Valentine's Day and all the fun things the girls get to do this week at school.  Unfortunately some of the fun will be cut out from all the snow we will get Wednesday night into Thursday but hopefully they will get to exchange valentine's at least.  Payton has music class on Friday on Valentine's Day and her music teacher said they would partner up a girl with a boy and dance. We were asking her who she would want to dance with and she got all shy and wouldn't say anything.  Payton told Tung this afternoon that Reagan told her if she had to pick someone in her class to dance with that she would choose James because he is cute, sweet and he listens.  That is so funny to me because James really is cute and sweet, he always wears the same grey and lime green sweatshirt when I see him at school, it makes me laugh for her to say that he listens because if you know Reagan, you know she likes a good story.  I'm sure James has heard more than a few of these stories.