Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lake Anna

Today we went to Lake Anna, it's only about an hour from here and parking and everything is about $15 for all of us for a day.  We packed a picnic lunch and ate once we got there.  Payton would live in the water, she wanted in as soon as we got there.  Reagan however sat right down and said "eat sandwich"
We had a life vest sort of thing for Payton this year, she wore it some but it worked out a lot better for Reagan, it helps not have to hold all their weight and Reag thought it was fun to float a little and be able to kick her legs out behind her.
 The water is so calm and not deep at all Payton loves that she can walk around in it, we still watch her close because there are a few waves that can knock you off balance.  They both love when their Daddy throws them up high, I can bounce them a little bit but not as high as him.

Reagan had fun throwing the sand, she even hit the camera in this shot

And they both had snowcones before we left, of course both were covered in sticky goo and Tung had to take them into the water to rinse off before we walked back to the car.

We stopped and bought a dozen crabs at Captain Jack's Crab Shack on the way home, they were really good.

A minute after putting Reagan in the car she looked like this

Two minutes after putting Reagan in the car she looked like this

She was just a little tired!

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