Saturday, June 5, 2010


This is what Reagan likes to yell at me, especially in the car. Waiting for me to say, Yes Reagan what do you want to tell Mommy? She does it loudly and repeatedly wanting to make sure I hear her. I also think she wants to make sure she gets her words in over her sister who likes to answer for her. Reagan really pays attention to Payton, so much so that if you ask Reag how old she is, she'll attempt to hold up 4 fingers and will say proudly "Four!" She's heard Payton say that just a few times!

She's stringing a few words together now. On Friday she told Gail "Ayla licked me" and when Gail told me Reag repeated it for me to hear, so proud of herself. Also much to Tung's dismay, she knows Sno Shack and what it is. He said it's pretty sad when your almost 2 year old knows how to say Sno Shack and what it is. Only the best snowcones ever! I'm teaching her early :)

She's also been getting more afraid of things recently. All the thunderstorms we've been having, she's been getting upset and crying, and she got upset when Tung mowed the grass this morning, she was scared of the lawn mower. So interesting how the fears develop when she wasn't bothered by these at all before. She laid on Tung while we sat in the garage tonight and watched the rain because you could hear the thunder in the distance and it scared her. Such a sweetie.

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