Sunday, April 24, 2011


Reagan dying eggs, she was gentle during the dye process, not during the hunting process

Payton had to dye more than 1 egg at a time.

checking to see if her egg was done yet

Running to go find the first pink eggs they saw under the playground

Love the outfit, Nutzy shirt from the Easter basket, pj pants and boots

It's odd for Easter to be so late this year, I always remember having to wear tights and sweaters with my Easter dress, not playing in the pool as our girls did today.
This morning the girls woke up before we did, they came downstairs and got into their baskets, I heard them so I peeked around the corner of the steps to see what they were doing, Payton said they needed to ask us before eating the candy, Reagan just shoved a handful of Jelly beans in her mouth!
I had already planned on hiding the eggs at night for them to find in the morning but Payton said that they needed to get their baskets ready because the Easter Bunny was going to hide the eggs for them to hunt and that he was going to hide them on their swingset.  Reagan kept saying she was going to pull the bunny's ear! We tried telling her that she wasn't going to see the bunny, that it was like Santa, but she said she was going to pull his ear.  On vacation inside the grocery store Stew Leonard's a bunny came around and saw them and gave them hugs and Reagan pulled it's ear, I guess that's why she thought she was going to get to pull the bunny's ear again!

We went to church, it was packed and a very nice service, we let the girls play in the pool some this afternoon and we spent the entire afternoon outside after Reagan took a nap.

For dinner we had shrimp cocktail to snack on, pork roast, carrots, scalloped potatoes and asparagus.  For dessert rhubarb baklava which was so very good and much cheaper than buying it, it was easy to make too, and strawberry shortcake.  The girls love when their Daddy puts the whipped cream into their mouth out of the can, that's the first thing Payton wanted when I handed her the can out of the refrigerator to take outside.  Too funny.

Great relaxing day in the beautiful weather, I even planted in my pots for my front porch and some zinnia seeds, makes it so hard to go back to work tomorrow!

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