Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

I was excited to take on the Pinterest Challenge I read about on Young House Love. I have actually made a lot of projects that I've pinned on Pinterest, I'm completely addicted and once I pin something it sort of burns a hole in my pocket until I attempt it.  Most of the projects I've completed though are sewing projects, I love to sew for my little girls or for friends that have new little babies.

Here's one Home project I've completed.
This is the Pinspiration, they used a rubber door mat as a stencil laid across two stained boards and spray painted over it for the design.

And here is my version of it. I couldn't find a door mat I loved to cover two boards at once at a price I loved as well, so I just repeated the pattern across all four. I love how it turned out and it goes very well with my living room, which you could see if I had a better picture than what I took with my touch as I flew out of the house this morning, lamenting to my husband that I forgot it was Tuesday and Pinterest Challenge Day and I couldn't wait until I got home to post!

Check out the completed challenges and see what everyone else was inspired by at Young House Love Katie at Bower Power Lana at Making a House a Home and Emily Henderson