Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Miss Sensitive

You know those shirts they have at the Gap now, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Chatterbox, well we need a Little Miss Sensitive for Payton. She is such a sweetie and is so sensitive, she doesn't like to be told no, or stop or anything. Even telling her, "woah...don't put that heavy bag around your neck, you're going to fall over" evokes tears. She is so sweet and caring towards her sister and I'm glad she is so caring and sensitive so I hope she keeps this quality about her and someday it will all be in the right context where dropping her peanut butter sandwich on the floor and us saying "Oh Payton, be careful so you don't get your sandwich dirty and everything messy" doesn't make her cry.

We've had recent success with potty training, she went 4 times in a day and even on the potty at the Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Tung's new job. She was so excited and screamed that I thought everyone still out at the table would be able to hear her. It seems like it's taking forever, but I think she's finally starting to make the connection.

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Grammy said...

Payton, Way to go---yeah for a good job on the potty:) Love, Grammy