Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vacation Day 2

Kathlyn, Grace and Payton

in the hot (cold) tub playing

Taylor and a tired Reagan

McKechnie field, Pirates stadium in Bradenton

We left Dave and Sara's house this morning around 9:30 and headed up to Tampa. On the way we stopped in Bradenton to see the Pittsburgh Pirates spring training stadium. There was a game and the cheapest tickets were $6 so we thought maybe we could just buy tickets go in and get some autographs and leave before the game started but it was sold out and people were selling tickets for $30-$50 because they were playing the Yankees today so we walked around took some pictures and kept on driving. It was so pretty out.
We got to Julie and Kent's house around 12:00, Payton was so excited to play with her cousins they all played all afternoon. They have a playground out back and Payton climbed all over the place. Kent tried to put some hot water in the hot tub so they could get in and play some, it made it a little warmer but they got in anyway. Teeth chattering and everything but they didn't care.
After dinner we went to ColdStone for ice cream because Kathlyn won her first soccer game and she was promised ice cream when they won. Grace doesn't like ice cream so she ate just gummy bears and chocolate chips! Reagan was too tired so she didn't eat much ice cream either.
Payton is sleeping in the Cinderella sleeping bag on the floor upstairs, she was not ready to sleep but she's too tired.

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