Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preschool Visit

We took Payton to the preschool this morning for a visit, to see what we think and get all the paperwork to sign up for the fall. Well as we predicted, she did not want to leave. She got to listen to a story in circle time and made herself right at home. She was upset when it was time to go. So we'll need to mark on her calendar when she gets to go all day every day to give her a reference point.

In the car going to Gail's after the visit she explained to me what she wants to do when she grows up.
After Miss Gail's school, she'll go to preschool. After that Kindergarten, then for her first job she wants to be a dentist, for 2 weeks. In the two weeks that she spends being a dentist, she said I could visit her and she'll clean my teeth. Maybe Reagan could be a dentist too and they could be dentists together.

Next she wants to be a doctor just for 3 weeks. Then she wants to be a grocery store payer, aka cashier. Maybe at Target, not the grocery store. Target has clothes. She would buy some to be the checker. I told her Target checkers have to wear red and pants, no pink and no skirts. She said that's OK.

For her final job she wants to be a Mommy. Reagan is going to be a Mommy before she is because she has to do all her other jobs first.

What a conversation we had :)

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