Friday, January 8, 2010

Princess P

I love my Payton, the girl who loves Putter, all things princess and making a mess. Tonight I had put Putter on top of the dryer to wash, I came upstairs after one load was done to add another and put in Putter so she would be done by morning when she woke up, Putter was not to be found, she had gotten up and found her on the washer and she was in bed with her. I cannot take her now, she'll just have to be washed tomorrow.

I love how she spreads out all blankets flat on the ground, downstairs in the living room, upstairs in the hallway, her bedroom and the playroom. All out flat to play. Not always sure exactly what but she pretends and creates.

I also love how if I am sick, or if she stays home and I'm not here how she "runs the show". I felt bad yesterday and slept in the morning and stayed on the couch in the afternoon, Tung's Mom was here with Payton and Reagan. When I woke up, she had painted me a picture..with what paints from where I do not know. Colored another one, taken down the crystal that makes rainbows off the window (she had to climb to do this) and was wearing it as a necklace and had in general just made a big mess. Tung's Mom didn't know any different so she went with the flow, Payton ran the show.
Today I had to go to work and Tung was home with them. Same thing, she had climbed and taken the chapstick from my dresser and smelled like strawberries. Not that any of this was bad but makes me laugh how she never would have even thought to do some of this had I been home. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing?

She's so observant and it's so cool to see her start to pass her own observations on to things and see her independence and personality come out. Though sometimes that's not cool when she states "Mommy, you're not listening to me!" Spitting back out to me what I have told her, since listening is not her strong suit right now.

I love my Princess P.

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