Friday, December 25, 2009


Christmas Eve

Reagan with her favorite present

Payton with her Cinderella DVD

Payton and Reagan on Christmas Eve

Payton as an angel in the spontaneous nativity

Payton has been so super excited about Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we went to church, they had a spontaneous nativity which turned out to be very neat. All the children were able to choose an angel halo, sheep ears, king crown or shepherd hat. When they read the Christmas story they called each group up as they went with the story. Payton wanted to do it and wore an angel halo, she went up to the front by herself no problem. She even ended up holding one little girl's hand. At one point she turned around and was looking for us, she waved real big and said "look there's my Mommy!"
She sings Rudolph all the time but instead of Rudolph guiding the sleigh, he "guards" the sleigh, it's so cute to hear her sing! She also sings Away in a Manger all on her own.

Reagan wasn't too into opening presents yet, she thought what was inside the presents was cool though a little baby just for her, a stroller so her and Payton both have one and other things to play with with the baby. The little Zhu Zhu pet hamster was fun too, Reagan liked chasing him around the kitchen. Reagan bit the leg off my applesauce camel ornament Payton and I made last year, she thought he was a cookie and said Yummy as I was taking him away from her, then she decided not so yummy because she spit it all out. 5 minutes later she was trying to eat the play-doh Payton was playing with.

We had prime rib, brussels sprouts and roasted red potatoes for dinner, and white chocolate raspberry torte for dessert. I'd like to drink more chocolate wine tonight but after the killer headache I had last night after drinking it, I probably shouldn't.

Christmas is always an exciting and special time of year but having kids makes it that much more special. Seeing them so excited, is the best thing in the world. Especially Payton this is the first year she's really been very aware and excited. She put out cookies and milk for Santa, sprinkled her Reindeer food outside on the snow and carrots for the reindeer, 8 carrots one for each of them. And was so excited this morning when she saw them all gone, except for a few carrots with bites taken out of them. She laughed and laughed.

Merry Christmas!

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