Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heat Wave!

Finally it was warm enough today that we could go outside. We went to JCPenney this morning to take Reagan's 18 month old pictures and some of Payton and Reagan together, then drove out to the Red Barn to look at end tables for the living room.
Had lunch at Ukrops, who knows how much longer we'll be able to eat at Ukrops since they will be Martin's soon..and then took Payton and Reagan to the park, they had so much fun. Never fails though there's one crazy mean kid there that makes us say Huh? One little boy says to Payton, I'm 5, Payton says I'm 4, he goes I know because you're stupid. What?! Payton didn't pay him any mind but still what the heck? Another little boy rocked Reagan too hard in the car she was sitting in after I asked him not to and banged her head against the steering wheel. Great.

Then we stopped for ice cream, Reagan was very possessive of her very own vanilla cone with sprinkles and Payton had cotton candy with sprinkles.

Reagan is sleeping, Payton is...well...Payton's in her room at least.

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