Sunday, December 20, 2009


All bundled up to go outside
I do not like this white stuff

So cold!

I think she didn't like being so bundled up and stiff the most

Oh what fun all the snow is! Payton loves it, Reagan not so much. She didn't like it on Saturday because it was still snowing and windy and stung your face a little, so we bundled her up and stood her in the garage. Poor thing she was a stiff marshmallow and didn't move at all wondering when we would take her inside. Today she was better but was still a marshmallow, she did let me sit her on the snow next to us while Payton and I made a snowgirl. I put water and food coloring in a spray bottle and let Payton spray pink on the snow. It wasn't very good to pack today so we couldn't make snowballs or a snowman very well. Payton wanted to come in as much as she wanted to go out because we told her we would make her hot chocolate to get warm.

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