Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tung's Birthday

Chocolate Eclairs
Payton eating her Daddy's sundae and Reagan waiting for her turn.

Tung with his 2 little girls.

Tung turned 31 on Monday. We went to Red Robin for dinner to celebrate, he had a coupon for a free hamburger. 2 of his favorite things, free and hamburgers!

Our waiter was very nice, though forgetful since he didn't write anything down, but he brought out a free sundae for him, and everyone came to sing. Payton was so hilarious climbing over Tung to get at the sundae even before they were finished singing. Reagan also felt the sundae was for her and made it known that she wanted some too.

I made Tung chocolate eclairs, which we had for breakfast, they were so good. Unfortunately both of his birthday presents did not come in time for him to open. One is a fire pit for our back patio, he's dying for a fire pit to sit near when it gets cool and to roast marshmallows over, not as easy to find as you might think, well one I liked anyway, those things are pretty popular!
All in all though, I think he had a great birthday.

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