Monday, August 10, 2009


Reagan is taking steps!! We saw her last Friday take half a step. Paul and Becky were here visiting and Becky was holding Reagan's hands so she could walk, she let go and Reagan picked up her foot and put it back down.
Tonight she stood up herself for quite a while, turning from side to side as if to say, watch me now, this standing thing is no big deal, I'm getting ready to go! We all saw her pick up her foot and take one step, tonight she picked up her right foot first.

When Payton was getting ready to go to sleep, Reagan was standing at the dresser pulling out all of Payton's underwear and socks. Then I said Ok you have to put them all back in now, she picked them up and started throwing them back in. She did it 3 times, so I think she actually knew what I was telling her and it wasn't just a coincidence!

She's such a messy girl, we have to give her a bath almost every night now because she puts her hands on her head after she eats. Tung put his head thing for when you ride go-carts on her head to be funny and keep her hair clean, but she just pulls it off. Oh well, I remember Payton did the same thing, it's just part of being 1!

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