Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hot Dog!

The picture Payton took herself of her dinner.
Payton took this picture herself as well. I posted it more for Putter in the background!

our Saturday night dinner

dry aged New York Strip steak

This post has double meaning! I cannot get the Hot Dog! song out of my head, the one they sing on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Tung sings along to it with Payton and we downloaded the whole thing, and found out interesting enough that it is sung by They Might Be Giants, but anyway now that we have the whole song, I cannot get it out of my head!

And last night we tried dry aged new york strip. It's not cheap, so we were thinking this better be good. And it was!! We got it at Whole Foods...and Tung cooked it up while I made a trip with Payton back to Short Pump to Saxon Shoes to retrieve Putter...that's a whole other story, but he was left at the shoe store and thankfully they had him waiting for us to come back and get him.
Anyway, Tung likes to take pictures of his food, so after he cooked the steak, corn on the cob and made salad, he lined it all up for it's photo shoot. Payton wanted to use the camera and take some pictures of her own. You can see by her pictures what she had for dinner. Too funny!!

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