Saturday, October 11, 2008


Payton got her very first haircut today. It was getting so very long and though I didn't want to cut her hair, it finally needed to be. I cut maybe an inch off the bottom. She was fine with it and even told a random lady at the band competition that she got her hair cut today.



Not quite 3 feet tall yet.

Payton trying to carry her own big pumpkin

What a wonderful day. We first went to Hanover High School to the band competition. We saw the JMU Marching band and then later we came back and saw Tech's Marching band. It was so much fun and Payton loved the sparkly outfits and color guard flags the best. She was definitely entertained. Tung wasn't as excited as I was, but I think once he saw the Marching Virginians he ended up liking it. Payton says when she grows up she's going to play an instrument and play the flags too.

We also went to the Ashland Berry Farm and rode the hayride back into the pumpkin patch. There were tons of big perfect pumpkins this year. We paid $20 for all you can carry and Tung carried 6 big ones and 2 little ones for Payton. Technically though he didn't carry them because the lady was too busy to make him pick them up...but he could have, had he tried.

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