Monday, September 22, 2008

"Once Upon a Time..."

Payton loves for me to make up stories that start "Once upon a time, there was a girl named Payton who LOVED....." I just fill in whatever I can think of to make up some kind of story to keep her entertained. I started making them up when we rode in the car because she gets bored, even of the Veggie Tales after a while. So today she wanted me to make one up for her when I was making dinner, I couldn't think about it at the time so I asked her to make one up for me. She says "Once upon a time there was a girl named Payton, she loved to brush her hair and she loved her Mommy. The End" In that instant, I forgot about all the "Go Away, Now!!!'s" that she had yelled at me 10 min. beforehand when I didn't give her more cookies when she'd already had two.

When Tung came home and we were eating dinner she started a Once Upon a time story for him and it was "Once Upon a time, there was a girl named Payton who loved her Daddy". She really is a cutie and when all the messes, jumping and almost falling off the couch, yelling and all of her "monster" moves make me want to lose my mind, she comes up with her Once Upon a Time story that makes me completely melt. That's why there's nothing better in the world than being her and Reagan's Mom.

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Grammy said...

Grammy loves reading what Mommie writes about Payton and Reagan:)