Monday, April 23, 2012

Governor's Egg Hunt

We were able to go to the Governor's Egg Hunt this year at the Capitol.  It was a lot of fun.  They had a lot of activities for kids and of course egg hunting.  All the eggs had tootsie rolls inside, or stickers, we weren't lucky enough to get any prize eggs. It was crazy with everyone rushing for the eggs at once, Tung grabbed Payton and took off and I took Reagan, they had age groups timed out but after the Governor spoke he said "let the egg hunt begin" and everyone ran!  A Times Dispatch photographer took a lot of pictures of the girls and they ended up in a video they made and put on their website.
Reagan drawing a picture in a card for the USO to give to the troops.

Payton getting her face painted.

I think the Governor looks funny with all the mascots behind him.

I found one!  Then I had to tell her to just keep grabbing or she wasn't going to get anymore than that one!

With their buddy Nutzy

Their first ever picture with the Easter Bunny.

On the hill in front of the Capitol.

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