Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Unique, Creative Reagan

Reagan is such a unique creative little girl.  She has been amazing us recently with some of the ideas she comes up with.  Last night when Tung was putting her to bed, she told him that they should make letters with their bodies, so he laid down on the ground and she laid across the top like a T. Then she wanted to make a P and she curled herself around next to him to make the loop.  I was with Payton and they came over and she wanted Payton to play too so they could make an A and a B, she had wanted to make an A with Tung and then realized she needed another person.

An hour after we had put her to bed I could still hear her upstairs, I went to check on her and she was sitting up in bed drinking down the water in her cup. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had the "hicks" as she then hiccuped! She said she had drank all her water and they wouldn't go away, so I told her to hold her breath and swallow the air, she hiccuped again, so then I poked my fingers in her sides really quick to startle her, and told her how sometimes if you get scared they will go away, she sat there a minute and looked around and said "they're gone!" Then she remembered how on the show Max and Ruby, someone scared Max with a mask and his hiccups went away.

She is a collector of everything, play food, baby clothes, you name it, she puts it all in bags and carries it around, she shoves it all behind the door in her room so you can't get it open, she even puts stuff in her closet, I was searching for these baby clothes and couldn't find them for a week, I finally open her closet and they are all inside the sleeping bag cover in the bottom.  I had a $0.60 fine on a library book because she put it inside the footstool in the living room and I couldn't find it, and a $0.40 fine on another one because she had it slide down beside her bed, she knew it was there but it was her secret hiding spot so she could read it before she went to sleep, so she didn't tell me.

She has done very well going potty the last few days and has worn underwear all day since the weekend, she doesn't want to take them off now and even slept with them on with a pull up over top, good thing too because she woke up wet.  She did make me take her to the bathroom last night twice in literally 1 minute at the restaurant, but she's going and is so proud.

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