Friday, November 25, 2011

♫ ♪ Baking, Baking Cookie Cookie ♪ ♫

This morning we were baking cookies and listening to music on my iPod. Payton loves to be the DJ and change the songs.  She picked Justin Bieber Baby Baby, Reagan really loves this song and knows almost all the words.  What cracked us up this morning was when she sang a verse as ♪ ♫"Baking Baking Baking Cookie Cookie"♪ ♫ at first Payton and I thought she said Bacon instead of Baking and we said Reagan we don't have any bacon! Then we realized she was singing the song as baking cookies.  So very funny that she put that to the beat of the music much less realized that it would be a funny joke to sing it silly like that.  She definitely has her own little personality, she's so silly!

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