Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reagan goes to the Dentist

Last Monday July 11th Reagan went with me to the dentist for the first time. She was so excited that she couldn't wait until they were done with me, she kept asking the hygenist if she was done yet, because she wanted to get in the chair! They took her down the hall to the kids room with fish.  She picked a fish napkin because she wanted it to match the wall.

She let them count her teeth she has 20, clean her teeth and she loved the sucker most of all, the way she described to me how "Mr. Thirsty, swished around her mouth and then she closed her mouth and it felt funny" was so very funny.  Christina that cleaned her teeth did a very good job with her.  She even let them paint the flouride on and then used a cup to swish and spit the water back out.  She's such a big girl!
As soon as the light was on her face, she opened her mouth, she learned quick!

Dr. Kim counting her teeth

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Timothy said...

Aww, how adorable! You gotta love a kid's enthusiasm to go to the dentist. It's a good thing that the dentist was able to work gently and make Reagan feel comfortable. It's really great that she was able to enjoy that trip to the dental office. After this one, I bet she wouldn't have any problems with future appointments with the dentist.

-Timothy Burley