Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pony Pasture

Payton standing in the edge of the river

Payton and Tung out on the rocks

Reagan not so sure about wading

splashing in the river

splashing was their favorite

Because of all the rocks it was very shallow near the edge

Payton is Queen of the rock and we all splashed her while she stood up there
Last Sunday we went to Pony Pasture Rapids Park on the James River, tons of people go here, it's very popular because you can wade out to very large flat rocks and spread out in the sun.  People also like to use floats and go down the rapids, I'm a totally scared of the river but it is very shallow on the edge and it was below 5 feet so it wasn't moving very fast.  We stayed where it didn't go above your ankles. It's crazy to watch everyone float down it in the tubes though out in the middle, it takes you quicker than you think it would so I was totally happy wading on the edge in the stagnant water :)  It was not too hot, not crowded, a pretty day to go.

We stayed a couple of hours and went and had lunch, everyone was so tired afterwards, we all came home and napped!

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