Friday, September 24, 2010

State Fair!

Tonight we went to the State Fair.  So many things about the fair are so much fun.  I love the cows, chickens, sheep...and a tractor pull!  Ok so we only saw 3 homemade car/tractors pull but I love the sound of them and everything.  Makes me remember being little.  We ate corn dogs, pizza, Virginia Tech dairy club milk shake, homemade chocolate ice cream, we tried liquid nitrogen ice cream too, it was so super smooth because it freezes so fast.
Reagan was all excited about everything, she said the cows were humongous, we'd never heard her say that word before, and Payton said the night time was awesome-er than the day time because of the lights.
They had these neat boards you could stand in front of and take your picture, that's where we took these pics.

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