Saturday, April 10, 2010


Trying to talk to Reagan through the monitor

Pepper plant, Payton planted...say that 10 times fast

digging the hole

I love love love beautiful sunny Saturdays at home. It's amazing how a day at home will make me feel like a completely different person. Today I pulled out some spring clothes for the girls, put away Easter decorations. Planted veggies in the garden and some flower seeds. Stained my boards for my wall art in the living room and made super fabulous dinner. We also made a fire in the fire pit and ate smores for dessert. Well Reagan ate the chocolate pieces. We dropped one on the ground and she jumped up out of her chair and grabbed it. Too funny.

Reagan is trying to say so many more things. She knows some numbers in order. I was counting while she was walking up the steps, I said 1, she said 2. I said 3, she said 4. I sang her the ABC's and when I got done she said "Mommy, sing!" Too cute how she's starting to put together more than one word and make sense :) She fell down the steps this morning :( Tung came upstairs and found her in the reading corner, she was telling him "Read, book!" I was thinking I should block the steps off so she doesn't try to come down by herself and as soon as I think that, I hear bump bump. I have no idea how far she fell, she's fine but cried a lot and scared us to death! She's getting too brave and too big so we have to make sure to always block it off.

Can't wait for another relaxing day at home tomorrow. Payton watched Mulan this morning and we watched Aladdin last night. Tomorrow morning she wants to watch Ariel for the 100th time :)

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