Sunday, September 15, 2013

Taylor Swift

I have a crazy love for all tween and teenage things.  I love all the Disney shows, the music, the kids themselves everything.  I especially love Taylor Swift. For a while I have wanted to see her in concert and have read she puts on a really good show.  In the past year or so I have wanted to see her even more, the girls love her and can sing the words to every song.  How can a 34 year old woman identify with what a 24 year old girl is singing I will never know.  Maybe it's just I wish I had some of her lyrics when I was in high school and it would have helped me understand others and myself more.  Music is just my thing and has helped me get through and understand a lot of thoughts that race in my mind.

Though crazy I really wanted to take the girls, Payton I knew would love it, Reagan too, she is a little young and I knew she would get tired (she fell asleep for a few songs near the end), but she couldn't be left behind, she would have been so sad. They both were so excited, we told them the night before, because I finally found tickets just the day before.

I made them t-shirts super quick in the afternoon.

Reagan wanted hers to say Red and Payton wanted Fearless

 We got there early, I had 2 pairs of tickets in the same row, so we had to ask others if they would mind trading seats with us so we could be together, 2 girls agreed no problem, so we could sit together.

Tung gets a medal for going with us to an arena full of screaming girls.  Bucket List Item crossed off.  Even if no one else ever understands it, I just had to go see her and I will always remember it!
He said he didn't need his picture taken, I did anyway

They gave out mini Diet Coke after the concert and we were so thirsty we let them drink it at 11:00 .

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