Friday, March 29, 2013


I think Reagan is excited about vacation. We told them weeks ago we were going to Disney, Payton has been very excited talking about it but Reagan hasn't said much. I was even thinking does she realize where we're going?  Apparently she does but just hasn't showed us until just these past few days.  She has told Ms. Susan at preschool every day for 2 weeks that she feels excited because she is going to Disney World.  At 10:30 she was awake in her bed, cutting, coloring and taping something, she told me she was too excited to sleep because she's going to Disney tomorrow.  She brought me an adorable card that said Reagan Mme. Mme is Mommy. She's adorable how she is starting to try to spell words and read. She is picking words out of stories and recognizing them now.  She is getting way too big.  I'm glad Payton is better after having a double ear infection last week and we are so ready for vacation!

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