Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baseball Campout

Friday August 10 we camped out at the Diamond, they were calling for rain but it held off, they played the baseball game and we set up the tent.

The girls thought it was fun to brush their teeth in the bathroom at the stadium.

There were 2 guys that stayed overnight that said they would be watching the radar too in case any new storms popped up.  At 5:30 in the morning we woke up to rain, we were dry inside the tent so no big deal, then we saw a huge bolt of lightening and knew we had to get out of there.  Tung grabbed Payton and I grabbed Reagan and we ran across the field!  I passed the two guys that had stayed at the field on the way up to the concourse, they were running out to tell everyone to get up and come in. It was windy and chilly, the girls were cold but we didn't have anything to wrap around them because we had just ran!  The guys let us go through the dug out underneath the stadium to stay warm, they were very nice.  They even showed the kids where Parker the pig stayed during the homestands to calm them down.

We knew there was a chance to get wet when we set up the tent but had no idea the storm would be so bad! The guys felt bad we all got wet so everyone got 4 free box seat tickets to come back to another game.  It was quite an adventure and overall fun but I would never repeat being in the middle of a baseball field in pouring down rain and lightening again!

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